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Raise your hand if you can’t believe March is over! I started March with my typical list of goals…which didn’t last long.

I didn’t read as much as I hoped I would, but I did finish another manuscript. I worked on final updates and edits for Unforgettable Roads, had a little input on the cover, and now am anxiously awaiting the release. I don’t have a specific date yet, but I will be hosting a Blog Hop to celebrate – I’ll keep you posted!

As I edited and wrote and researched, I compiled a list of websites and blog that I found interesting and useful:

1. Once again Joanna Penn rocks another blog: on the importance of keywords in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your blog, book, website readily found by those looking for you (who don’t know they are looking for you).

2. Fellow WordPress blogger, Suddenly Jaime, wrote a great piece on finding your writer’s voice

3. As March was a huge month for Catholics, welcoming in a new Pope, I found 5 short story recommendations that all Catholics, Christians, and educated people should read. This would be the part of my reading to-do list that I failed miserbly in completing. They are now on my April to-do list…We’ll see how I do in reading these come May🙂

4. This next link has nothing to do with writing – well, not directly. Because my son sleeps in the afternoon, that’s the time I use for writing. But that’s also the time I should be preparing dinner. This blog has saved me more than once last month with cleverly prepared crock pot meals.

5. Kimberly Shursen has taken a bold step to help Indie writers, such as myself, by hosting a series of interviews with authors. Her library lists all the books that have been and will be featured. If you click on “More”, you’ll see the list of authors she has already interviewed. My book, Gateways, will be featured in the near-ish future. I whole-heartedly thank Kimberly for her dedication to her project!

6. I also downloaded the 30-day trial of Scrivener – a word processing program designed for novelists, screen play writers, and students working on advanced research papers, thesis statements, and discertations. I love it! While I highly recommend watching the tutorial videos, it is easy to navigate once you have the basics down. I looked into this as a means to more easily prepare manuscripts for self-publication onto ebooks. I was delighted to see that I can organize manuscripts with index cards (excellent for my visual-learning style), and move entire chapters by moving those index cards on the screen. With the 30-non-consecutive-day trial, you can’t go wrong.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a copy of Gateways, I have a few at home that I’m selling for $10.00 + S&H. Email if you are interested: jessicaschb@yahoo.com

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It’s the same old story…I have an idea, I toy around with a scene here a plot sequence there. But until I grab the stack of post-it notes and start plotting, I have nothing. I can picture the beginning and the end, but the journey in the middle is hazey.

I’ve committed to make 2013 the greatest novel output of my writing career and so, in this 2nd month, I’ve implemented three things:

1. Scrivener A program for writers that has a corkboard, index cards, endless supply of paper and an outlining process that makes sense. Despite past bad reviews, the folks at Literature and Latte dot com have fussed and fixed the program. I love it!

2. Story Elements by Larry Brooks. This book, while quite wordy initially, has been invaluable to me this month. It set out on a platter the key pieces of a story, what they look like and where they belong. Blueprints to a best seller! With the Scrivener program and this book, I’ve plotted out an entire novel. Now I just have to finish writing it.

3. I unplugged when it’s writing time. In clicking the button “disconnect from wireless” I have connected my brain to my goals. The world wide web is a perfect distraction from everything we want to acheive. Sure, I will use it to market, to meet other writers and parents, but when it’s time to write, I will write scenes for my latest novel, not facebook updates. Clicking “Like” will not get with work done!

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