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Somehow the beginning of June slipped by me. I know I’m not alone in the ‘where has the time gone?’ question, but I’m surprised that with all the technology and calendars I consult daily, today is June 5th, not May 36th🙂

My writing goals for May were focused a little less on writing and more on story planning and reading. Every once in a while, the writing starts to feel stagnant. Some may call it writer’s block. I call it irritating. On May 1st, I decided that I would read five books just for the sake of reading and finish the outlines for two new novels I’m working on.

My reading goals were a flop. I read one book – Pentecost by Joanna Penn – which was excellent!

My writing goals faired better. I did finish outlining the second book to Gateways as well as refining my storyline and character arc for Circle of Pride. For both of these, I have hopeful completion dates of December 1st. I feel the need to complete these projects this year so I can spend the first few months of 2014 in the editing stage before the submissions start.

Some good news: My children’s picture book is nearing the release date. Frog’s Winter Walk will be available for purchase sometime in August. Here’s a sampling of my illustrator, Sarah Aman, amazing talents:

My new coffee cup featuring illustrations from my 'soon to be released' children's book: Frog's Winter Walk

My new coffee cup featuring illustrations from my ‘soon to be released’ children’s book: Frog’s Winter Walk

Yes, that Frog is wearing a feather coat and snake-skin boots🙂 He’s a scientific frog, you see, and is staying awake for the winter to explore the world beyond the green pond season.

I did find some wonderful articles and blog posts about writing. I spent much of May working on marketing Unforgettable Roads, and thanks to these links, I hope you will find some new ideas as well.

1. 7 Secrets to Writing Persuasive Back Cover Sales Copy by Joel Friedlander

2. How to Create A Custom Widget in WordPress by the folks at AuthorMedia.

3. Plain Language – 11 Tips for Brilliant Writing by WritersWrite – clearly a pen name🙂

4. You Have Permission by Joanna Penn

5. Support-A-Writer – a social media community for writers headed up by Alana Munro

Happy Writing and Reading to you all!

Don’t forget to support your local writer: Gateways and Unforgettable Roads are available in paperback and Kindle. Nook, Kobo and all other e-readers are still in the works.

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I started this blog a year ago and realized about six months into it that I know nothing about blogging. Not being the type to give up at any form of writing, I dug in deeper to discover the hidden wonders of blogging, bloggers and why we feel compelled to share our writing, our thoughts, ideas and pictures on line.

As a writer, blogging is one of many recommended platform builders. I was under the impression that ‘if I wrote, they woud read it’. But who are ‘they’? And where to they come from?

Lesson #1 – building an audience, a reader-base for a blog, is as essential as bringing a dish-to-pass to a pot luck. That is so simple, but it’s something beginning bloggers overlook. You might have the best essays in the world; you may have written a Newberry Honor-worthy story, but until someone read it, it’s just ink on paper (or pixels on the screen).

actualwritingspaceAs this lesson settled on my mind, I altered my 2012 writing plans to 2012 research plans. I ventured out and found new bloggers, old bloggers, Indie Authors, started a facebook page, opened a Twitter account, poked around on pinterest, Linked up on LinkedIn. Basically, I did a cannonball into the pool that is social networking.

Bringing those 2012 goals into 2013, I hope to compile a list of writing resources, great articles, compelling stories at the end of each month. Enjoy these bloggers as I have! Learn from them, follow them, comment on their posts. Join the circus that is writing and sharing and juggling careers and this art form. Be present!

Ideas for Social Networking:

3 Ways to Find Readers on Twitter

Joining Twitter Chats to Make Connections

Blog Hops and Blog Carnivals:

Author First Look with Vicki Husdon

Third Sunday Carnival Blog

Indie Author Interivews @ Kimberly Shursen’s blog (click on ‘more’ to view author interviews)

Writing Tutorials:

Giving Birth to a Book

Heirarchy of Clarity – an excellent website full of resources for writers! I tagged it in my favorites!

20 Frighteningly Good Writing Tips from Stephen King!

Just for Fun!

Board Games for Book Nerds

Gateways, my book – Shameless plug!

Gateways Book Trailer on YouTube

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